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“I can't take it anymore”, Laurent Berger angry at the attacks, threats, “bullshit” circulating on social networks

“At the moment, we have premises that are degraded, extremely degrading remarks are turning towards me or towards other CFDT activists, homophobic remarks that I can no longer bear”, declared Laurent Berger, the general secretary of the CFDT, Thursday January 16 on Franceinfo. “I can't stand these words any more. We talk about a lot of nonsense, including elected officials who relay this”, regretted the trade unionist.

Laurent Berger notably returned to the rumor that one of Brigitte Macron's daughters, Tiphaine Auzière, is the lawyer for the CFDT. “One, that's wrong. Two, if it was [vrai], I do not see how it would be a problem or how there would be a conflict of interest. And then three, she did an internship when she was a student in 2008-2009 in a CFDT structure like many students do. In this context, it made the individual defense of employees “, explained the secretary general of the CFDT.

To the question “have you received threats?”, Laurent Berger replied that he did not “don't want to talk about it”, before adding that “can no longer support this idea except in this democracy, when we do not agree, we would be an enemy and we would have to be defeated. I can't take it any more! On social networks, a whole lot of crap, excuse me from the term, go around. ” Attacks lower than each other and I will not allow myself to do so. ”

“Whenever a CFDT activist, each time an employee is attacked, is conspired because he does not agree with others, I will fight so that we can still speak , still say what we think “, advance the trade unionist. “The CFDT has not attacked anyone, it pursues its objectives and its ambitions. We can challenge it on the merits of ideas, but we must stop the nonsense and that [la rumeur qui concerne la fille de Brigitte Macron] it is one, it is not the most serious, there are many others since “, continues Laurent Berger.

“I do not consider any of my union, employer, government interlocutors as an enemy. I consider them as adversaries in terms of ideas but I believe in democracy and I will fight to the end to be the one others respected “, concluded Laurent Berger.

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