Monday , September 21 2020

Imminent Body V2.0

This project examines the notion of artificial intelligence in the context of future materials. If materials change and evolve to a state of intelligence, there is a potential for discovering new, unexplored ways of exploiting consciousness in materials and exploring this idea in the context of the future of materiality.

This is a speculative design project that fundamentally seeks to challenge the ability to accept a new form of intelligence and to consider the possibility that future workers in the textile sector can "program" the fabric to be made. Different materials will require different considerations, which opens up a series of ethical implications in prospective scenarios related to the future behavior of materials.

Model / Actress: Zuzana Gombosova
Filmed at the studio of the center of Saint Martins in June 2014
This video was delivered as part of the MA Textile Futures final project at Central Saint Martins in London.
Music: Deep Blue by Bensound

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