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“In any event, there will be taxation” of the digital giants in 2020, “France has stood firm,” says Bruno Le Maire.

France has proposed to Davos to suspend for 2020 the payment of deposits due under the Gafa tax (for Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon), in exchange for the negotiation of a more global agreement on digital taxation among all developped countries. “In any event, there will be taxation” digital giants in 2020, “France has stood firm”, said Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy and Finance, Monday January 27 on Franceinfo.

The idea of ​​a tax on “Gafa” divides the United States and the European countries, in particular France which adopted its own tax last July, attracting the wrath of Washington which threatens to retaliate by customs duties. “The biggest digital companies will pay a tax in 2020, as they did in 2019”, insisted the Minister. Leaving to start a trade war with the United States? “But that's what we wanted to avoid, the trade war is in no one's interest”replied Bruno Le Maire. “Either we come to an international agreement, because we have agreed to postpone the collection of this tax until the end of the year to give negotiation a chance, and in this case we can replace the national tax with the international tax, or there is a failure of negotiations, it is always possible, and in this case, the digital companies which are within the scope of our national tax will be taxed as it has always been planned “, assured the Minister of Economy.

The postponement of the collection of this tax from April 15 to December 15, 2020 is, according to him, “or” a “withdrawal”, “or” a “suspension”. “It was our firmness that paid. Our firmness because we put in place a national tax that made Americans move, our firmness by saying that there was no question of withdrawing the tax. The only advance that we are ready to do, that is to say: we will leave time for negotiation “ which takes place at the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development).

Asked about the amount of tax collected in 2019, Bruno Le Maire replied: “I cannot give you the exact figure but it is several hundred million euros, so it is a tax that pays and is effective.”

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