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in this class of 3rd, the history-geography teacher is also a sleep teacher

With their physical attitude, the history-geography teacher immediately spots the lack of sleep of his third graders: “Like turtles, they curl up, head in their shoulders … They make a cocoon, they recreate their bed, what …” As for Enzo “when he has not slept, he is livid, he looks far away …”. And the teacher to show how the teenager is wedged in his chair by passing his arms behind the backrest, so that he can quietly continue his night …

If Enzo is a master in the art of sleeping in class, it is because he spends his nights (up to eight hours in a row) on his mobile phone … Some of his comrades are able to wake up to play or watch a series. Marcus, he attacked the week by going to bed at 1.20 am …

Prevention actions in colleges

Hyperconnected, addicted to video games, many adolescents are far from sleeping nine hours a night, as doctors recommend. To encourage them to go to bed earlier, some schools are carrying out preventive actions. In Colombes, in the Hauts-de-Seine, this teacher from the Jeanne-d'Arc college aims to improve the sleep of his third year class.

Sébastien Perrotel has given himself two weeks to take up this challenge which “Special Envoy” has followed. All his courses start with this question: “What time did you go to bed last night?” But the “insomniacs” do not attract any sermon. The teacher rather puts on benevolence to convey this message to his students: they have nothing to gain by confusing the classroom with their bedroom.

Extract from “My sleepless life”, a report to be seen in “Special envoy” on February 13, 2020.

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