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Sound and light installation, Atomium – Bruxelles -ID # 2014
The installation "Out of Control" explores the question of singularity: the inevitable rise of the Super Machine – expected or feared – which, according to some theorists, should take place around 2030, that is to say in a snap look.
Although the emergence of the first artificial intelligence remains a sci-fi theme, the nature and risks associated with this technology have long been a subject of reflection for authors. As early as 1946, Murray Leinster's novel, "A Logic Named Joe," imagined the excesses of a hypothetical global computer network capable of attaining a pseudo-consciousness.
The more powerful the machine, the more its malfunction can be worrying. "Out of Control" treats this problem from within, not from the man, but from the point of view of the machine, by describing the internal conflict of a faulty artificial system that is undergoing an attack external, without knowing what happened or why.
The nature and history of the Atomium make it the ideal place for this facility. The site embodies the golden age of science fiction, when questions arose about the relationship between humans and conscious machines (Asimov and his three laws of robotics). The Atomium was built at a time when the future was both a promise of advancement and a source of worry. The era of the atom, of course, but also that of telematics, very high speed trains and supersonic aircraft. Opportunities have been discerned. Fifty years later, the questions remain.
By welcoming the lost machine "Out of Control", the Atomium reminds us that technology keeps questioning humanity about its nature.
Atomium Brussels
TEAM VS: Julien guinard. Vincent Obadia
Benjamin Lorthioir. Pierre Gufflet
Ambroise Mouline. Joachim Correia. Tom Modeste. Sébastien Escudié, Valère Terrier.

An original music by Thomas Vaquié

Based on the original novel by Stéphane Beauverger

Henri Simons

Arnaud Bozzini
exhibition manager

Johan Vandenperre
technical director

And all the Atomium team

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