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it is not proven that “El Mimo” was murdered

The death of this woman was immediately attributed to the Chilean police. Worse, very fast, the rumor claimed that she was also raped and tortured : ” She was last seen alive when carabinieri were taking her away. She reappeared hanging, with marks showing that she had been raped and tortured », Was it possible to read. Many media have relayed this version of a police assassination. And the symbol has crossed the borders. In France, tributes were paid to him during the march We All, November 23.

However, nothing confirms this thesis, on the contrary. One month after the discovery of the body of Mimo, a feminist group of Chilean lawyers published a message on social networks to denounce the false information Who circulated on the case. “ She would have left a letter explaining the reasons for a possible suicide and no obvious sign of torture or sexual assault was found “. the same source adds that La Mime has not been arrested either. And the floor of the South Metropolis indicates to him that the death of El mimo is listed as a suicide.

Proof that in this case, the confusion is total: the picture of El Mimo circulating for a month is not an image of the artist. But of a young woman who had disguised herself and made up like her to pay homage to him!

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