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“It will be essential for companies to plan an audit on their digital health” says a specialist

Nicolas Arpagian, digital security specialist, guest of Franceinfo Tuesday, recalls the rules of vigilance while teleworking has grown enormously with confinement.

From the perspective of deconfinement next May 11, “It will be essential for companies to plan an audit on their digital health”, advised this Tuesday May 5 on Franceinfo Nicolas Arpagian, digital security specialist and teacher at the National Police Academy (ENSP). In particular, it encourages small businesses to carry out antivirus analyzes from a “white station”, that is, a computer that is not connected to the network.

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franceinfo. What are the risks for IT security of companies during this deconfinement?

Nicolas Arpagian: When personal or professional equipment has been used for professional use, installed applications are often used independently and without concern for security and confidentiality. It will be essential for businesses to plan an audit on the “digital health” of their business before reconnecting equipment. Auditing your equipment is a necessary step to avoid weakening your system when reconnecting.

How to minimize the risk of problems when employees return to the company?

Care must be taken to use so-called white stations, a separate computer from the network and healthy, to perform antivirus scanning on corporate computers. In the event of a problem or to find help, the government’s cyber victim assistance site can find a nearby IT provider. You put your postal code, you put the nature of the service in very simple terms, and that directs you to a local service provider who undertakes to respect a charter of professionalism, ethics and therefore to respond in particular to questions from very small businesses and SMEs.

How did hackers profit from the Covid-19 crisis?

The scammers were very creative. In Germany, hackers approached SMEs by telling them 'I will provide you with the administrative documents to benefit from financial aid' and these companies have been led to entrust a lot of data. And it turns out that the pirates went to seek funding on their behalf from public administrations. There have been messages saying that with the post office blocking, checks are stopped. Thank you for paying now via this RIB which I join '. Obviously, this is a lie. If you have this kind of email, don't download the attachment. Contact the partner or the administration by another channel in order to have the request validated. Always be alert, this is the only way to avoid an initial infection.

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