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Jacques Toubon worries about possible abuses

Drones, geolocation of mobile phones, analysis of personal data … These tools must demonstrate their usefulness in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, and their use strictly supervised to guarantee individual freedoms, said Jacques Toubon in an interview with The Obs published Monday March 30.

The human rights defender notes that “The European legal corpus opens the possibility of (…) collect individual data without the consent of the parties concerned, in particular in the event of an epidemic. ” But he warns that if a generalized monitoring of the French were to be implemented, it would be necessary ” to open a debate before the national representation. This matter cannot be settled only between industrialists (telephone operators), epidemiologists and the Minister of Health ”.

In France, the operator Orange has provided anonymized data to health authorities and researchers in recent days to study population movements, and help better model the reality of the pandemic and containment in France.

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Respect for medical confidentiality

Mr. Toubon also judges that the debate was not limited to “On the one hand, doctors and scientists caught up in technological delusions, and on the other, prudent lawyers concerned with defending human rights” :

“Whether it be the use of surveillance cameras or that of drones – which can measure the temperature of the people they film or photograph – or even the question of the geolocation of people in From their smartphones, it is clear that we are facing a considerable challenge: respect for private life (via article 9 of the Civil Code) and the guarantee of medical confidentiality. “

“Health professionals are the first to show concern for the guarantee of medical confidentiality. I just stress that you have to be vigilant Said the human rights defender again. The opportunity to set up digital monitoring measures in France is, in fact, in the “road map” given to the analysis and expertise committee set up last week to advise the President of the Republic.

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