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Launch of the Audi A5: Artificial Intelligence against You

New & Wow Marketing Department x Presentation of the interactive laboratory SILA SVETA x

This is the world's first presentation in the fall of a real-time motion tracking technology. The Audi A5 Coupe is effortlessly controlled. It's not a bad thing. More than 400 guests observed the angle of view. It was a phone call of Artificial Intelligence.
Thanks to the best artistic collaboration. It takes a lot of effort to incorporate ambitious ideas into innovative products.

General Producer and Creative Agency – New & Wow Marketing Department
Creative and Technological Concept – New & Wow Marketing Department x SILA SVETA Interactive Lab x
Interactive Lab, Tracking System – Interactive Lab
Music and sound design – Monoleak

See the full version of the show "AI vs YOU" for the Audi A5 – the world's first car presentation using real-time motion tracking technology. The new Audi A5, as the main character and author of his own presentation, easily controlled the cartographic script with ease of artistic brushing, simply moving in the exhibition area. Special sensors installed on the vehicle determined its position over an area of ​​more than 300 square meters. The developed tracking system instantly synchronized the spectacular visual line and lighting features in real time. More than four hundred guests watched what was happening on the platform, designed according to a certain viewing angle, and at the peak of the show, each of them received a call wow on a cell phone.
It was a difficult experience and, thanks to the efforts of the best creative collaboration, we made another sensation on the events market in Russia. Special thanks to Audi Russia for its courage and ability to turn ambitious ideas into a progressive product.

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