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Lima Realities Exhibition

New Realities is an international traveling exhibition organized and produced by Alpha-city. The project illustrates a culture of continuous and complex transformation in which the digital tools we created were now acting as important agents of change.

The exhibition includes the works of 12 contemporary artists and designers presented in three thematic areas. An exploration of identity is presented through the works of avatar artist LaTurbo Avedon, who exists only in the virtual world and whose practice is a subject of construction-deconstruction of oneself. The analysis of physical space and its digital counterpoint is a recurring theme in the works of Mark Dorf and Quayola. Lawrence Lek's virtual environments explore physical experience and virtual presence in simulated worlds intertwined with true architectural landmarks. And representing the almost human machine, a friendly robot named gEOF by Jan de Coster assumes the human role of photographer, analyzing, documenting and sharing the photos of the exhibition on social media.

March 17 – June 19
Espacio Fundacion Telefonica Lima, Peru
A project of Alpha-city
(Music of Edisonnoside)

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