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Michel Gondry's tutorial

Michel Gondry is the director of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind“,”Be nice, rewind“,”the green Hornet“. His passion: stop motion. This animation technique involves making very small movements, between the taking of each still image, of objects or characters so as to give the viewer the illusion that they are moving. “When we take the photos, at least on my iPhone, and we are in photo mode, there is a small strip where we see all the photos and if we put our finger on it, we see the animation because we see all the photos one after the other. So we can know if it works right away“, explains the filmmaker.

Michel Gondry therefore made a short stop motion film with his daughter. “I had to draw a dozen Eiffel Towers. I really like making letters. I keep them but I prefer to redraw them“, shows the director.”If it's a little bird in the background, I make two positions, two drawings that I cut that are the same size. One, with the wings up and one, with the wings down “, he continues. For the director, each image is a problem to be resolved, for which a solution must be found. “Any tiny problem becomes a major problem to be solved, but in a positive way“, rejoices Michel Gondry.

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