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Ministry of Foreign Affairs victim of piracy

“Madam, sir, as a result of hacking, some of your personal data entrusted to the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs have been stolen. ” This is the message received by e-mail on December 13, 2018, some French internet users. The data in question is their name, first name, mobile phone number and email addresses, according to the Quai d'Orsay.

The service affected by this piracy is specifically Ariane: a service that “Allows you, when you make a trip or an ad hoc mission, to report you to the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs for free and easily”can we read on the dedicated website.

This is the information “Recorded when registering on the platform” that were stolen, says the ministries in a statement. In some cases, the data relate to people who have not registered: it is their relatives who have indicated the site their contact information by designating them as “person to prevent” in case of problems during a trip.

Risk of scams

For the moment, the Quai d'Orsay does not give any more details, especially on the number of people whose data have been stolen. He has not yet answered questions from the World, but indicates to have seized the justice and informed the CNIL (National Commission of computing and freedoms). “We took immediate steps to prevent such events from happening again”, he emphasizes.

The ministry invites the victims of this piracy to be vigilant against the risk of scams, and in particular “With regard to messages of doubtful source, seeking to usurp the identity of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs”.

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