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More than a year after it went online, the official property price file remains unknown

Knowing exactly how much your neighbors have sold their house or apartment to sell yours at the right price, knowing precisely the amount to offer for an acquisition: this has, in principle, been possible for a little over a year.

Launched in April 2019 by the General Directorate of Public Finances (DGFIP), a publicly accessible file includes all the transactions recorded over the past five years. Prices are accessible in the departments and overseas regions, except in Mayotte, but not in Alsace-Moselle where the registration rules are different.

To find out the prices you want to consult, you can enter the address in your search browser. You can also obtain this information by logging into your personal space on the tax website (www.impô and filling in the “search for real estate transactions” area. This transparency was intended to put an end to the opacity of the real estate market in order to clean it up and become more fluid.

“The establishment of this database is a step forward and transparency is progressing, but there is still a lot of progress to be made”, thinks Bertrand Gstalder, CEO of the SeLoger Group.

First problem which is due to the base itself: it refers to a file to download complex and difficult to handle for an individual.

In addition, the information given on the property sold is often fragmentary. “If the accommodation is sold with parking, we do not know because the base simply indicates addiction, which could also be a cellar ”, regrets Corinne Jolly, president of PAP (From Individual to Individual).

If it is a building, the floor on which the unit sold is located is not indicated. The result: to know what accommodation it is, you often have to proceed by deduction and be familiar with the building or house in question.

Incomplete base

In addition, some prices seem inconsistent. In principle, they are net, that is to say excluding real estate agency fees and transfer duties (called “notary fees”). However, when you consult the database, you realize that the price sometimes includes the agency fees, which makes comparisons between two properties difficult. “The year of construction of the building is missing, which is fundamental in an estimate”, also affirms Corinne Jolly, who nevertheless manages to retrieve this information through the personal space of taxpayers

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