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Netflix documentary on Grégory case revives speculation from amateur Facebook investigators

Nearly a month after the release of a documentary on the Grégory affair on the Netflix platform, thousands of Internet users joined the various Facebook groups dedicated to finding the truth about the murder of the child, in 1984 .

While the Grégory case could experience a new twist Wednesday, December 18 with the examination by the Paris Court of Appeal of the validity of the police custody of Murielle Bolle, the interest of internet users for this judicial soap opera has been revived since the first broadcast of the Netflix documentary Grégory, November 20, 2019.

In a month, the different Facebook groups dedicated to the case were assaulted by new Internet users. Grégory Villemin, 4 years old, had been found on October 16, 1984, feet and fists tied in Vologne. Since then, the Grégory affair remains considered one of the most enigmatic files in criminal history in France. Since the documentary on Netflix, the group “Affaire Grégory Villemin, an enigma towards the truth “has for example gained 2,000 members. The documentary has “really aroused a craze, there are a lot of young people who ask to join the Facebook group”, confirms Murielle, administrator of one of these groups.

In all, a dozen Facebook groups sometimes gathering up to 10,000 members allow Internet users passionate about the business ofexchange, present their own theories, or even investigate on the basis of the elements known to the file. There are videos, photos, montages on which some say they are able to find the culprit. “A child could solve the case”, ensures a surfer. Others retrace, minute by minute, diagram in support, the supposed course of the protagonists.

Image posted on a Facebook group on the Grégory affair. (SCREENSHOT)

This enthusiasm for the Grégory affair is not without abuse. “There are people who peremptorily believe themselves stronger than justice”, says Thomas, the founder of the Facebook group most consulted on the case. It recognizes “abuse“like this surfer who claimed that “Bernard Laroche's eldest son is in fact the son of Albert Villemin”. A theory supported by “photo comparisons, including a baptismal photo she had stolen from the profile of the spouse of the second child of Bernard Laroche”.

Sunday investigators for the most part but also professionals. One of these groups, entitled “Bernard Laroche Innoncent”, was founded in 2011 by Jacques Corazzi, a police commissioner in charge of the investigation at the time of the disappearance of little Grégory.

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