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New world. An application developed in three days helps relieve emergencies facing the Covid-19

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Health Factory, a company specializing in health technologies, is one of the organizations that try to facilitate the work of caregivers and emergency services. It is currently organizing a “hackhaton”, that is to say a kind of computer code competition, to develop as quickly as possible technological solutions aimed at helping the fight against Covid-19.

franceinfo: what is the “Hacking Covid-19” operation that you launched?

Sébastien Letélié, CEO of Health Factory : we are a company specializing in the digital transformation of healthcare organizations. Each year, we organize a hackathon (contraction of hackers and marathon) in the service of health. This year, it is held exclusively online. About 300 IT and healthcare professionals participate.

What technnological solution have you developed?

For example, we have just developed, in just a few days, an application that allows emergency medical personnel to send detailed instructions tailored to the patients who call them by e-mail. It didn’t exist. This saves approximately five minutes per call. At the rate of a thousand calls a day, this is significant. This helps unclog emergencies.

What are the main needs of emergency physicians today?

They are in demand of anything that can save time in order to be able to process a maximum of cases. Another team participating in our hackathon has developed a tool that automatically sends questionnaires by SMS to patients, to be informed of the development of their health over the days, without them needing to call daily. We are also working on systems to help doctors process all of the scientific literature that accumulates on the Covid-19.

How can we participate in your hackhaton?

Just go to the site. We decided to maintain our hackhaton for several weeks instead of the three days initially planned.

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