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New world. Augmented reality at the service of e-commerce

Innersense's technology makes it possible to virtually reveal furniture in a real environment (Innersense)

Based in the Toulouse region, Innersense specializes in virtual reality and augmented reality for e-commerce. Its co-founder, Stéphane Mercier, is the guest of “New Worlds of Innovation“.

What does your technology allow?

Stéphane Mercier: We have developed a technology that allows, through a mobile application, to see what, for example, a sofa in your living room looks like virtually. The product appears at full size and you can turn around, see the details and configure it. We are also working on a technology that will hide existing furniture and replace it with the ones you plan to buy.

Who is this solution for?

Stéphane Mercier: We offer our solution to all brands, large or small. This does not only concern furniture but also other products such as lamps or garden sheds. We provide all the tools that can digitize a catalog in 3D.

Is this the end of store physical trading?

Stéphane Mercier: Not necessarily. Admittedly, we see that the number of people going to the shops is going down. Signs therefore have the need to renew the experience they offer to customers. Augmented Reality is a complement for online and offline sales.

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