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New world. Forget Windows 7, go to Windows 10 and most importantly update it!

Windows logo. (MAXPPP)

Windows 7 has had its day. This version of the famous Microsoft operating system, released in 2009, is being scrapped. Since Tuesday January 14, Windows 7 technical support is no longer provided. Concretely, this means that it will no longer be subject to improvements or, above all, security updates. Keeping operating systems alive beyond a certain time would be too expensive for the publisher for a limited benefit. Users, individuals and professionals, are therefore invited to migrate as quickly as possible, if not already done, to the latest version, Windows 10.

Ironically … At the same time, a critical security flaw in the famous Windows 10 has just been exposed. Computer breaches are never fun. Invisible and odorless, they can be extremely dangerous if exploited by pirates. This new vulnerability would allow malicious computer code to be entered by masquerading as valid and secure code. Microsoft corrected the problem immediately by issuing an update. It is therefore imperative, for all users concerned, to update Windows 10 as soon as possible in order to apply the security patches.

What is more surprising is that this security breach was exposed by the NSA, the American intelligence agency. In general, the latter prefers to say nothing and even, possibly, exploit this kind of flaw herself for spying. This time, the flaw was undoubtedly considered to be really dangerous for the American infrastructures. It is also, undoubtedly, to prevent a repeat of the episode of 2017 where a Windows flaw discovered by the NSA, not revealed and exploited by North Korean hackers, had allowed the Wannacry malware to spread . Welcome to the magical world of cyber security!

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