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New world. From the flying taxi to the connected potato… The most unusual novelties presented at the CES in Las Vegas

Hyundai Flying Taxi on display at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. (JEROME COLOMBAIN / RADIO FRANCE)

In the huge north hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center are cars, drones and flying taxis. As incredible as they are, these unusual devices are no longer totally a dream. Uber announced at CES a partnership with Hyundai to manufacture a flying taxi that could enter service in 2023. This spectacular aircraft will be equipped with eight 100% electric propeller motors, will have a capacity of four passengers and will fly at a speed of almost 300 km / h.

Several models of flying taxis are on display at CES. These vehicles therefore seem more and more seriously envisaged for cities in the future. There would be boarding areas at the top of the buildings. As for the aircraft, at first, there would be a pilot on board. Then, a remote pilot. And, one day maybe, no more pilot at all because the devices would be completely autonomous.

More down to earth, we unearthed one of the innovations that made headlines: a connected bath mat. Offered by the French startup Mateo, this unusual product, but not without interest, invisibly analyzes posture, body position and weight using sensors. The data is sent to a mobile application which provides possible posture advice. Its creator, Lenny Dahan, assures that the measurements of the bath mat are 90% reliable.

Finally, the CES would not be the CES without its share of improbable innovations. Example: a connected lobster cage that alerts the fisherman on his smartphone when there is a catch. In our opinion, here is the winning trio of the worst inventions of CES 2020: the headless robot cat used to relax, with the tail moving when it is stroked; the robot on wheels that brings a roll of emergency toilet paper when called with his smartphone and, finally, the connected potato, in reality a gag of a Frenchman to show the ridicule of certain products exhibited by certain starters -up. Fortunately all of this is in no way representative of the thousands of new products presented at CES in Las Vegas.

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