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New world. How Android is trying to limit screen time and promote “digital well-being”

Tools appear, useful for controlling and limiting the time spent on our screens. (GETTY IMAGES)

Apple and Google have developed tools on smartphones to help users limit their exposure time to the most time-consuming screens or applications. Google advocates “digital well-being”.

Franceinfo: what is digital well-being?

Rose la Prairie, head of digital well-being on Android at Google It’s about being happy and comfortable with the way technology is used. Specifically, these are tools on Android that help you know how much time you are spending on your phone and adjust your behavior. The first thing is a dashboard that shows a snapshot of your daily habits, how much time you spend on your phone, the apps you use, the websites you visit, etc. We have a function which transforms the phone's display into grayscale, with a black and white screen, and which cuts notifications in the evening to encourage sleep. We also have a “focus mode” that pauses the most distracting apps to boost your focus at school or at work.

What is the “Jomo” that you want to promote?

Next to Fomo, which means “Fear of missing out” / “Fear of missing something”, Jomo is “Joy of missing out” / “Joy of missing out”. It's the feeling of happiness you can get from putting technology aside. You forget your phone a bit and you are fully available for the other things you can do in your life.

Isn't this step on the part of Google paradoxical insofar as your economic model is based on the time spent on screens?

First, I think it's really important that we build things that meet people's needs. When we hear people say that there are a lot of really useful things to do with a phone, but sometimes we regret some things and well, we have to take it into account. Then, with Google and Android, we have a lot of users around the world and therefore there is a deep responsibility that we have to ensure. If there are people who say they want to use their phone in a different way, we have to take it into account.

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