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New world. How to unlock your iPhone with a mask on the face?

The masks prevent facial recognition. Illustrative photo. (FLORENCE GOTSCHAUX / FRANCE-BLEU DRÔME-ARDÈCHE)

Have you tried to check your shopping list on your smartphone every five minutes in a supermarket with a mask on the figure? It’s very annoying because the phone doesn’t recognize you and therefore it doesn’t unlock (this is experience…)! This is a problem that arises mainly with the iPhone and here is why.

Since 2017, Apple has removed the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone and replaced it with Face ID. However, Face ID needs to see your eyes but also your nose and your mouth to function. So if you wear glasses, a hat or makeup it works but a mask does not work. You can always unlock your smartphone with the secret code. But, today, the codes have six digits, so it's long, and in addition, often it doesn't work well. You can turn off face recognition and passcode protection, but it's not recommended at all for security reasons. You would think that it is enough to show a photo of his figure, for example, printed on a mask. But it can't work because Face ID uses a 3D sensor that analyzes the relief of your face.

There is a solution, a kind of piracy, which was found by a Chinese researcher from the company Tencent: you have to register a second face on your iPhone (it is possible) and at the time of the registration procedure, it half a mask should be worn on one side only, at the bottom of the face. We tried. It doesn't really work. There is a solution that really works. It was an American from San Francisco who had the idea: you have to mold a mask with the shape of your face. And there it works! So, the only difficulty is that you have to have a friend, a make-up artist at the cinema or who works at the Grévin museum, who makes you a mask with the shape of your face.

On Galaxy smartphones, Samsung had the good idea to keep the fingerprint sensor in addition to facial recognition, so no problem, just use it instead. Otherwise, there are also a lot of Android smartphones that use poorer facial recognition systems than the iPhone and can be fooled by a simple photo.

So it's up to you to invent a system with a mask with your photo printed on it …

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