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New world. Klassroom startup launches free telework service for primary schools

Telework and distance education at home in this time of health crisis. (Illustration) (GETTY IMAGES)

Going to school at home during this period of health crisis: solutions exist for all households that have equipment and an Internet connection. Distance education for primary school children, for example, can be done through the free service of the Parisian startup Klassroom.

franceinfo: is the application able to respond to the wish of the President of the Republic to have students work telework?

Philippine Dolbeau, Vice-President Klassroom : I hope so and I believe it. Klassroom is a parent-teacher communication solution for primary schools. It looks like a very simple to use social network. Unlike Ecole Direct or Pro Note, which are real school life management software intended for middle and high schools, we focus on communication. Teachers can post homework, lessons and chat with parents. In addition, starting next week, we will be offering a videoconferencing solution to allow students to follow lessons remotely.

How much does it cost ?

It's free. Until then, we operated with a “freemium” type service, that is to say where parents had to pay a few euros to benefit from advanced functions, in addition to the basic free functions. But, given the urgency of the situation, we made the decision to switch all of our services to free mode for all schools in France. We considered that we had an immense responsibility in the face of this crisis.

Is your application usable by people who still have difficulties with digital tools?

Unlike some applications used in national education, Klassroom is very easy to use. It takes just one minute for a teacher to create a virtual classroom and invite parents.

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