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New world. “One day, we will be able to take exams at home thanks to technology”, according to the startup TestWe

Take your exams remotely: the French startup TestWe offers technical solutions. (Illustration) (GETTY IMAGES / PHOTOALTO)

Many exams, including the bac, will not be able to take place this year under normal conditions due to confinement. However, technologies exist to make it possible to pass, at least partially, the distance tests.

franceinfo: would your solution allow you to pass the baccalaureate distance?

Benoît Sillard, CEO of TestWe : Our solution would make it possible to pass the bac remotely but only partially. Today, we know how to administer exams from home, using each candidate's personal computer. When it launches our application, all other functions of the computer are blocked to prevent cheating. It works very well for oral. Unfortunately, however, for the writings, it would take hundreds of thousands of supervisors, which is not realistic at the moment.

Will there ever be an automatic monitoring system?

We are already developing algorithms which make it possible to verify that the candidate is indeed present in front of his computer, thanks to surveillance by webcam. The process involves taking a succession of shots. This allows you to check, after the fact, that there is no problem. But this type of automatic surveillance does not dispense with human control to ensure that there is no cheating in one way or another.

These procedures seem quite intrusive … Will it be possible one day to take your exams at home while respecting privacy?

We are currently setting up a dual camera system, that of the computer that films from the front, and that of your smartphone that films the whole room, to check that there is not a second computer. or someone blowing you. It is obviously necessary to frame such a process. First of all, this requires anonymization preventing the scorers from seeing the candidates. Next, the video must be destroyed so that privacy is fully respected.

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