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New world. Remember to secure your toys and connected objects

A Ring brand camera (illustration). (GLENN CHAPMAN / AFP)

Recently in the United States, a video camera installed in a children's room was attacked by a hacker. The camera, from the American brand Ring (Amazon), was installed in the bedroom of an 8-year-old girl. The pirate who took control could see the girl and even speak to him … He thought it funny to pretend to be Santa Claus.

In the present case, the fault seems to be attributable to the family, which obviously had not activated all the necessary security. In particular, she would have used a weak password. Regularly, especially at Christmas, the question of the security of connected objects arises. Some toys have a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection and sometimes a microphone and a camera, which represents a potential risk of intrusion or data leakage.

The National Data Protection Commission (CNIL) takes stock of this issue. She has just posted a short video to remind people of the risks and the safety instructions.

There are more and more connected objects at home (cameras, thermometers, thermostats, bulbs, voice assistants but also now locks, doors, windows, etc.). Very practical products but which require special attention.

The main security instructions to respect: use a strong password (minimum eight characters, numbers and letters), do not use the same password everywhere (especially messaging), and activate two-factor authentication (security by sending of SMS).

You don't have to buy anything either. Some products from unknown brands, very cheap, ordered directly from China via the Internet, often have far too low safety standards. Some are not even approved for Europe when they do not have false CE certificates.

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