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New world. “Revolutionary” technology to guarantee digital identity

Aerendir's biometric recognition analyzes the cerebral electrical signal (Aerendir / YouTube)

Every day, stolen identities are sold on the darknet. This allows scammers to take out loans or commit crimes on behalf of someone else, with dire consequences for the victims. Faced with this scourge, the concept of biometric digital identity is developing. However, this 21st century identity must still be sufficiently secure.

The company, of Belgian origin based in the United States, Aerendir (name taken from Lord of the Rings) claims to have developed a new kind of biometric technique for securing digital identities, based on the analysis of micro-tremors in the hand, coupled with that of brain electrical activity.

franceinfo: How is your biometric technique revolutionary?

Pierre Pozzi Belforti, president of Aerendir : our technique is based on the electrical signal sent by the brain, transmitted by the nerves to the hands, which can be picked up by the sensors contained in a smartphone. Each brain signal is unique and cannot be copied or hacked.

What could your technology be used for?

This technology can be applied to most sectors. It could be found in a smartphone, to replace the fingerprint sensor, but also on other supports such as a key chain, a door handle, a car steering wheel or even a toothbrush.

Why is your company based in Silicon Valley?

At the origin of this technology, there is a Belgian scientist of Italian origin, Martin Zizi. We’ve been in Mountain View for three years because it’s the only place you can go extremely fast in terms of patents, but the company that owns all the patents is European.

Why is securing digital identity important?

This is fundamental, because we are increasingly moving towards an absolute digital identity. In the darkweb there is a black market with a rating system, like the stock market, which allows you to buy digital identities. However, if your fingerprint is stolen, you have nine other fingers, but if it's your facial fingerprint, unfortunately, all you have to do is go to plastic surgery.

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