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New world. Should I continue to use the Zoom application?

A conversation with others on the Zoom application. Illustrative photo. (GUILLAUME BONNEFONT / MAXPPP)

Security vulnerabilities that allow you to take control of computers remotely, intruders who invite themselves into conversations or even hundreds of thousands of hacked credentials. The problems are multiplying for Zoom, this application which makes it possible to communicate in video – by computer, smartphone or tablet – with thousands of people at the same time.

The app has grown from 10 million users in late 2019 to 200 million today as a result of the containment. Unfortunately, with success comes trouble. Hackers around the world are now taking an interest in Zoom, whose computer code is not secure enough. Zoom has also been banned by several administrations (United States, Germany) and by companies (Google, Nasa, Space X).

The company is making a lot of effort today to secure the application. There have been updates. The first precaution is therefore to perform the proposed updates, on your computer or smartphone. Then some problems come from the users themselves. Recently, the identifiers of 500,000 Zoom accounts have been discovered on the internet. In fact, it would be the identifiers and passwords of people who always use the same everywhere.

Regarding zoom bombing, that is to say the fact that intruders invite themselves into conversations, several precautions must also be taken: do not broadcast connection links on social networks, activate passwords for video sessions and communicate them to the guests one by one and activate the “waiting room” function which allows to filter people when they connect.

There are other video conferencing applications:
– Microsoft Teams
– Skype, also from Microsoft
– WhatsApp, from Facebook
– The French Jitsi application, which highlights the security and protection of conversations

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