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New world. Take advantage of confinement to clean up your passwords

Someone enters their password which gives access to the software. (JEAN-CHRISTOPHE BOURDILLAT / RADIO FRANCE)

We all use a lot of passwords today. It’s the basis of our digital life. Unfortunately, we have a hard time finding our way around and above all we manage them badly. The first mistake is to use the same password everywhere. If a cybercriminal finds one, he'll try it everywhere (Gmail, Facebook, Netflix, etc.) and that's how you can end up in big trouble, up to and including digital identity theft. .

Second classic error: using passwords that are too weak, like “1234” or a first name or a date of birth. You should know that hackers use algorithms that test all combinations, such as sequences of numbers and letters, first names and words from the dictionary … It only takes them a few seconds to crack a simple password.

You must use a password manager. A small program, a kind of safe, which keeps them all in your place and which even automatically fills in the forms to connect here or there. You only need to remember one password, the main password for accessing all the others. In the Apple universe (Mac, iPhone, iPad), there is what is called the “keychain”. Web browsers (Chrome, Edge) also have their own password managers. The best is to use an external manager that can synchronize with all your devices, regardless of the brand, such as Dashlane, KeePass, LastPass or Keeper …

In addition, a password manager can tell you if some are too weak or if they are used identically on several services or even if they have been hacked and circulating on the darknet.

If you have some time during confinement, this may be the time to go through all of that and do some cleaning up.

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