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New world. The ambitious video project at the service of the Earth by The Explorers

Olivier Chiabodo, founder of The Explorers (JC / RF)

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The Explorers is an 8K video channel, the first in the world, devoted to the natural and human heritage of the planet. Broadcast exclusively in digital, it has just been crowned Best App 2019 on Apple TV (the connected box of Apple for TVs).

What is The Explorers?

Olivier Chiabodo, co-founder and CEO of The Explorers : The Explorers is an inventory of the land in 4K or 8K video and even in photos and drawings. These are documentary films shot around the world by a team of explorers who give the floor to scientists and local people. Anyone can also send their own images by opening an account on our app, free and without advertising, to participate in this inventory.

Why did you choose digital media instead of TV channels?

Because it immediately opens up to 170 countries, in 17 languages, and is very engaging and collaborative, which is not the case of a conventional linear television channel.

How does it feel to be selected by Apple among hundreds of thousands of applications?

This is exceptional. We officially launched the app on November 7th and there, all of a sudden, I got a phone call from Apple, California, telling me that we were named “TV App of the Year” and telling me asking not to communicate until December. I had a tight throat thinking about all the work so rewarded. I would add that 10% of the profits will be donated to our endowment fund for the protection of the natural and human cultural heritage of the planet.

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