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New world. The Connecting Food Company Tracks Food Using Blockchain

Food traceability and transparency: the French startup wants to reconnect producers to consumers. (CONNECTING FOOD)

At the agricultural fair which opens its doors this Saturday, February 22, Porte de Versailles in Paris, the French startup Connecting Food presents a blockchain-based technology that ensures the traceability and transparency of food, from producer to consumer.

franceinfo: we believed blockchain technology reserved for cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin. What does this have to do with cereals or ham?

Stefano Volpi, co-founder of Connecting Food : with my co-founder Maxine Roper, we discovered that blockchain technology, used in finance, was perfectly suited to reconnect producers to consumers. We have therefore developed a unique solution in the world, Live audit, which makes it possible to authenticate and certify in real time, in a completely digital way, that a product respects well the commitments and promises made to the end consumer throughout his course in the sector.

How can a consumer benefit from your service?

You just have to flash the QR code on a product with your smartphone's camera to know what its exact origin is and what the different stages of its transformation are. For example, for ham, if the label says that it is a pig produced in France without GMOs, we can know if it is true or not, with 100% reliability. We are transparency third parties.

In our view, the marketing of the 21st century will be the marketing of transparency. We’re going to move from promise marketing to trust marketing.

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