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New world. “The security of connected objects must be integrated as soon as they are manufactured”

Connected objects for the house of the French brand Netatmo (Netatmo)

Recently, an Amazon camera installed in a nursery was hacked. While the French are preparing to receive, this year again, many objects connected to Christmas, are they aware of the security issues related to the use of these products?

franceinfo: Should we be wary of connected objects for the home?

Fred Potter, founder of Netatmo (Legrand group): in this example of camera hacking, it appears that the user was using the same password for other services and was allegedly victim of phishing. At Netatmo, if you connect to a connected object from a new device, the owner receives an e-mail and a notification on the mobile application inviting him to verify his passwords.

How does your company integrate privacy when designing products, as it claims?

We work on three axes in parallel. First of all, our objects are protected against hacking, and we have penetration tests done by hacker laboratories. Second, we only collect information that we strictly need (privacy by design). Finally, third point, we are working on transparency, that is to say that our business model is based solely on the sale of products, and not on the exploitation of data.

Should consumers be wary of certain foreign and low-end products?

I think you have to be wary of people who are not serious and who just make a lot of products before going to do something else. We must also be wary of actors with multiple extremely diverse activities whose motivations are not necessarily understood, and who may have an interest, for their business model, in exploiting personal data. As far as we are concerned, at Netatmo / Legrand, we want to build a relationship of trust with our customers.

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