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New world. Uber promises flying taxis for 2023

Hyundai electric steering wheel model presented at CES Las Vegas 2020 (JC / RF)

You do not dream. The American specialist in passenger transport, Uber, announced at CES in Las Vegas a partnership with the Korean car manufacturer Hyundai, to manufacture electric city flying taxis, which should enter into service in the not too distant future.

franceinfo: When can we get in a flying taxi?

François Sillion, director of the Uber research center in Paris : In a few years, in 2023. For this, Uber is developing a platform to allow this air mobility. It depends on the manufacturers, like Hyundai, who will make the vehicles. It also depends on the infrastructure because it will require stations allowing vertical takeoffs and landings. There will also need to be an evolution in regulation. The idea is to develop an intermodality, that is to say that the application will offer an integrated, fluid solution, to go from one point to another, by chaining both flying and land transport.

Will this service be reserved for the privileged?

No, there would be no point in developing all of this for just a few customers. The idea is that it is accessible to as many people as possible, that is to say roughly the same price for a high-end mountain bike trip. It will be shared transportation, much like our Uber pool service.

What will be the environmental impact? What about security?

For the system to be accepted and even desired, it has to be 100% secure. In aerial, it is essential. It must also not generate any noise pollution, which is what the use of several small electric motors allows. Finally, from an energy point of view, this type of aircraft which takes off vertically and then flies horizontally like an airplane does not consume more energy than a traveling vehicle.

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