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New world. Videos, apps, consoles… Our techno tips for playing sports at home

A young, confined woman watches sports lessons on television. Illustrative photo. (MAXPPP)

As the weekend approaches, how do sport without leaving home? Fortunately, a lot of digital content is available.

There are several sports YouTube channels, such as Gym Direct, Fitness Blender, Body Time and the famous youtubeur Tibo Inshape. Sports coaches, who offer online training and tutorials, are even becoming a phenomenon in their own right. The sports halls are closed but some offer their subscribers exercises at a distance, via videos or apps.

In terms of applications, there is no shortage of training programs, such as 7 Minutes Workout or BeStrong. There are even sports podcasts, like Vital Training. Finally, you will find advice on the website of the Ministry of Sports.

With confinement, some athletes turn to e-sport, that is to say the online multiplayer video game. With initiatives that have something to attract fans, such as the World Gaming Federation which offers many free tournaments, football, racing or adventure games on famous games (Street Fighter, Fifa 20, League Of Legend).

It’s best, of course, to own an exercise bike or a home treadmill. You can then accompany yourself with videos on the TV, computer or tablet, just to feel like you are outdoors. There are connected apartment sports equipment. Particularly those that work with the very fashionable Zwift app, which allows people to cycle with one another without leaving home.

Finally, game consoles are also a good way to follow physical training programs. It has been a Nintendo specialty for several years, with all kinds of sports (bowling, tennis, volleyball …) and, in particular, with the Ring Fit Adventure accessory, a kind of connected hoop. And for even more immersive sports programs, you can turn to virtual reality, on Playstation or on PC, provided you have compatible equipment.

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