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New world. “We need to train professionals in AI in business”

Artificial intelligence could one day allow us to interact with providers, for example. (Illustration) (MAXPPP)

In recent days, France has a new “unicorn”, that is to say a startup valued at more than $ 1 billion: Dataiku. Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has just acquired part of the capital of this company specializing in artificial intelligence solutions for businesses.

franceinfo: What are Dataiku's artificial intelligence software used for?

Florian Douetteau, founder and CEO : we cover almost all areas of activity: finance, marketing, industry and new technologies. Our artificial intelligence is used, for example, to predict engine failures or to understand the effectiveness of a marketing budget, based on the analysis of big data.

AI often has a fairly Hollywood image …

Today’s reality has little to do with the show Black mirror. For the moment, AI is mainly a question of economic transition. Before, certain trades consisted in processing data on a spreadsheet. Tomorrow, we will cross very large files to make much more precise forecasts. The challenge is to support the transition and train professionals in this innovation.

Doesn't data overuse pose a risk to privacy?

States must regulate and say what is allowed and what is not allowed. When rules exist, companies follow them and apply the laws, as we saw with the GDPR (rgeneral data protection regulations). The’AI, in the future, will depend on the responsibility of those involved in using these tools.

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