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New world. Why is Facebook starting to merge its messaging services?

Two young women on their smartphones. Illustrative photo. (JOCHEN ECKEL / PICTURE ALLIANCE)

On the one hand, the instant messaging Facebook Messenger with its 1.3 billion users per month. On the other, Instagram, 1 billion monthly users. Two platforms that belong to Facebook. However, over a year and a half ago, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, announced his intention to merge these couriers.

The company emphasizes benefits for users, such as the ability to easily exchange messages between Messenger and Instagram, without switching apps. There are other new features, such as the possibility to watch a video at the same time each at home, while sharing messages on messaging (co-watching). But for Facebook, it is above all about expanding its advertising surface and facing competition from Apple and Google in this area.

However, this strategy could get in trouble for Facebook because, even in the United States, the Californian group is considered too big and too hegemonic by some. Not only by elected officials but also by the powerful FTC, this administration which controls anti-competitive practices. Facebook alumni are even calling for its dismantling.

In addition, this story is only just beginning, because today we are talking about Messenger and Instagram, but Facebook is also the third thief, WhatsApp, that Zuckerberg also wants to converge with the other two messengers. However, this promises to be more complicated for WhatsApp, no doubt due to the end-to-end encryption, this system of confidentiality which makes it possible to guarantee conversations, in principle, inviolable.

The convergence of messaging has only just begun. It will be rolled out gradually in the different countries, which should take several months.

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