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New world. With its Neons, Samsung wants to “put people back in technology”

Samsung's “virtual humans” at CES in Las Vegas (JC / RF)

of the “artificial humans”… This is how the Korean giant Samung presented Neons at CES in Las Vegas. Behind this fairly marketing concept hides an amazing technology developed by the California-based Star Labs laboratory owned by Samsung.

Neons are characters visible on video screens (televisions, smartphones, tablets) which, in appearance, seem absolutely real. In reality, they are the most virtual. Even though they were created from images of human beings, they are computer animated, down to their smallest movements and facial expressions. Samsung promises to make them, in the future, autonomous emotional artificial beings, capable of interacting with us humans. They will be found, for example, in shops, banks, hotels or even at home as teachers or sports coaches, and maybe even one day on television to present programs.

Worried? Not at all, responds Angie Chen, of Samsung who overturns the proposal. According to her, “technological progress makes us look more and more like machines by constantly forcing us to press buttons. Our vision is to revive the hum side, so as to make the interaction with our products closer to human interaction “.

Fewer French this year at CES in Las Vegas. We counted around 300 tri-color startups instead of 430 last year, under the French Tech banner at Eureka Park, the space reserved for startups around the world. According to Fabrice Marsella, who takes startups to CES on behalf of Crédit Agricole as part of the village by CA, “It is not necessarily a bad thing but, on the contrary, the mark of a form of maturity”.

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