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next to gadgets, there are also “useful” innovations

The “Tech for a better world” section of the CES in Las Vegas rewards positive innovations. (JEROME COLOMBAIN / RADIO FRANCE)

The CES in Las Vegas is not just a wacky gadget contest. It is also an opportunity to discover really useful innovations, particularly in the area of ​​health and the environment.

A connected watch to prevent heart attacks

Frenchman Withings has chosen to launch his new smartwatch at CES in Las Vegas, which detects sleep apnea. This “real” needle watch is loaded with sensors to continuously measure a number of parameters, such as the level of oxygen in the blood.

It also has enough to do with electrocardiograms and it is supposed to prevent cardiovascular accidents, including heart attacks. Matthieu Letombe, the general manager of Withings, is convinced that connected objects will revolutionize health. “They allow people in their environment to be monitored over the long term rather than very punctually during hospital exams”, he says.

Withings ECG watch
Withings ECG watch (AFP)

Solutions to help people with dyslexia

The French start-up Lexilight presents a desk lamp against dyslexia. This emits light pulses that are supposed to restore the balance between the two eyes to allow normal reading. Optician Atol also unveiled anti-dyslexia glasses. These are electronic lenses that filter out mirror images that interfere with reading.

Anti-dyslexia lamp from French Lexilight
Anti-dyslexia lamp from French Lexilight (JC / RF)

A non-polluting air conditioner

An American company, Oxicool, claims to have developed a clean air conditioner (conventional air conditioning systems consume a lot of energy and heat the atmosphere). It works on pure water, does not contain polluting fluids and would consume 90% less electricity. However, to cool a home of 300 to 400 square meters, you still have to install in your garden a huge appliance the size of a garden shed. Since the effectiveness of such a product is difficult to assess at a trade show, we hope that the promise is actually kept.

Air conditioner
“Clean” air conditioner from the American company Oxicool (JC / RF)

Machines to “make water”

Another type of useful innovation: machines for producing drinking water from air and solar energy. The principle consists in recovering the water present in the ambient air thanks to condensation. The system is powered by solar panels and therefore does not pollute. According to its designers, it can produce one to three liters of water per day with a panel installed on the roof of a house. Several companies offer this type of product. An Israeli start-up even equipped a truck to move around areas without drinking water.

A machine to “make” drinking water (JC / RF)

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