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no Joe Biden did not fall asleep during an interview

Four years after the election of Donald Trump, the American presidential campaign is not immune to fake news. This time it's Joe Biden who is the victim. A video viewed more than two million times shows the sleeping Democratic candidate during an interview. It has been shared on Twitter, Youtube and Facebook. A golden streak for the US president's team, who dubbed their opponent “Sleepy Joe”, the sleeping Joe. Donald Trump's social media chief Dan Scavino was quick to share it.

But the video is fake. It was also deleted by Twitter which indicated that the sequence had been manipulated. The original video shows singer Harry Belafonte taking a micro-nap during an interview in 2011. The singer was replaced by Joe Biden, and the soundtrack was changed: as the reporter rehearses well several times “wake up In the original sequence, snores were added.

However, the author of the montage had directly specified, in the comments, that it was a fake in explaining how he had mixed up two videos: that of Belafonte and another of Biden at the Democratic convention. In reply to Dan Scavino, an American journalist also immediately replied that the video was fake. How does he know? He was in the studio when Belafonte was interviewed, so he recognized the footage. Even though the original video and the one shared by Scavino were deleted by Twitter, the latter continues to circulate on social media.

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