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no, the streets of Wuhan are not paved with corpses

Dead people everywhere in Wuhan. Hundreds on the streets. According to many Internet users, a video would prove that China underestimates the death toll in Hubei province, the epicenter of the new coronavirus epidemic which officially claimed more than 1,800 lives. In these images, filmed from a two wheeler, we can see a street where people are lying on the sidewalk. “Corpses” in bags, for example ensures an English-speaking account, when an American surfer claims it is the streets of Wuhan.

Problem: Detox identified the street in question, which is some 1000 km from Wuhan. As the Baidu Maps tool can verify, it is actually a street in Shenzhen, one of the country's economic lungs, on the southeast coast of China. Above all, the objects that we can see on the sidewalks are not bags containing bodies but more simply quilts and blankets, like another video shot in the same place lets you check it.

Internet users who share it explain that these are people who are stranded on the streets of Shenzhen due to restrictions related to coronavirus. It is therefore not a question of bodies, but of living Chinese who are forced to sleep outside. A version confirmed by the New York-based Chinese-speaking NTD media critic of the Chinese Communist Party. Local TV also explains that these are workers from the Hubei region, who cannot return home because of the coronavirus and who are refused to rent accommodation.

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