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of Parisians welcome the announcements of Edouard Philippe on the summer holidays

In the Montmartre district of Paris on Thursday afternoon, residents of the capital took advantage of an undefined sun and could finally consider organizing their holidays for this summer.

This is the good news of the day. “The French will be able to go on vacation to France in July and August”, assured Edouard Philippe, Thursday, May 14, A big relief for the tourism sector, very affected by the confinement put in place to stop the coronavirus epidemic, but also for those who can now plan their holidays.

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For Caroline the subject is still taboo: “There, we can't really project ourselves”. Lying with her friend on the steps that lead to the Sacré-Coeur in the 18th arrondissement of the capital, the Parisian woman jokes about the prospect of summer holidays: “I have no plans in my whole life at the moment.”

The Prime Minister explained that this possibility of going on vacation is however subject “possible very localized restrictions” according to the evolution of the epidemic. However, the 100 km restriction should normally be lifted. “You teach me”, rejoices Guy, the purple sweater wrapped around his neck. He has already booked a week in a rental in Belle-Île-en-Mer: “We are going to go there, and we are very happy. I think it is super important also for all tourism businesses. This is good news!”

“Jojo, it's now the Airbnb otherwise we're going to be tricked!”, Jojo and his friends drink a beer in front of the entrance to the Sacré-Coeur basilica. They plan to rent in the south of France and among themselves, to avoid the risks: “Rather make a vacation with friends in a big Airbnb if possible with a swimming pool. History to remain more or less confined between us, but to be able to benefit a little from outside.”

And if everyone does not already have a project for this summer, Radija, savor anyway: “We have a magnificent view of Paris, it's already a small area of ​​freedom”.

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