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On TikTok, music and sketches soften the confinement

PIn times of health crisis and confinement, there are social networks that are more anxiety-provoking than others. Some are, fortunately, more conducive to creativity, like the TikTok app. Since its launch in Europe at the end of 2018, this platform, originally planned for making short play-backs on music, has been constantly diverted by its users until it generates a fully-fledged mode of expression. , very recognizable.

Today, when the application has been downloaded more than a billion and a half times in the world, choreographies, sketches and successive challenges will remind older internet users Vine, video micro-loop application closed in 2016 More than ever, this originality can warm the hearts of those who – at the time of the confinement of the French and in many other countries – are bored and or worried.

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Proof that TikTok, widely used by adolescents (but not only) around the world, is a refuge for many people: Friday March 20, the hashtag #coronavirus had generated 15.6 billion video views; that of #quarantaine, more than 10 million views. As for #confinement, it accumulated 76.7 million while #jerestechezmoi, an operation launched by the Chinese application in partnership with the French government on Thursday March 19, generated 9.5 million. The numbers are going up hour by hour.

Outlet application

From the beginning of March, videos were already popping up on the app, setting music to handwashing and preventive measures. But also a few pastilles from people in quarantine, like McKenzie Britt, confined to Paris. In the wake of the song It's Corona Time, users invented or chose songs to create the soundtrack for the epidemic.

These many contents could make suffocate at a time when the tragic news accumulates and that the pulse of the news beats at the rate of the pandemic. On TikTok, which has become a sort of outlet, the vast majority of these subjects are used to make people laugh, keep their spirits up, but also to decompress.

We could see members of the nursing staff doing little choreography to let go of the steam after stressful days. Several videographers also mocked the attitude of French people deemed lax in the face of containment measures, but also parodied improvised courses at home and scenes of shortages of toilet paper or pulp. Others, like the most followed youtubeur in France, Squeezie, take advantage of the confinement to launch themselves on this platform which also has its celebrities. The coronavirus now has its memes and rehearsal comics, like the rude “Hey what's your name?” “

Stream of videos and zapping

You just have to let yourself be carried away by the stream of videos to understand what is the subject or the popular music of the moment on TikTok: when this is the case, the idea is a hundred, a thousand times reproduced, imitated, copied, surpassed in posted videos. The home screen automatically offers a video, then just swipe up to zap. The videos arrive as in a big washing machine, in no specific order except that of an algorithm – whose recipe is, without surprise, kept secret – which recommends videos similar to what you liked, commented, shared, or comes from your countries and accounts to which you have subscribed.

Content annoys you? Next. Do you like this song or this challenge? Click on the title and continue exploring. It is normal to get lost in this cacophony with very heady music. The last time we tried, we watched with fascination all the hijackings of “Someone Like You” by Adele (#Meattheconcert); laughed at the choreography videos of this user who is staging with his parents teleworking in the background; and sung on this containment preparation video seen many times for the writing of this article. By forgetting a few moments this damn coronavirus.

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