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one virus can hide another

Cyberattack, May 15, 2017. Illustration (JEAN-FRANCOIS FREY / MAXPPP)

Thales is reporting an increasing number of fake Covid-19 tracking applications. Applications that take advantage of the public's thirst for information. According to the French group, 50% of the domain names created since December, and linked to the coronavirus, can cause the injection of malware. Fears reinforced by an observation: cybercriminals seem to be following the spread of Covid-19, with attacks that were carried out first in Asia, then in Eastern Europe and now in Western Europe, hence the increased risks for France .

Thales talks about increasingly sophisticated state-sponsored actors, notably Ukraine, through disinformation campaigns. The computer virus was hidden in bait documents and disguised as emails from the Public Health Center of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health. But there are many motivations for cybercriminals against businesses such as identity theft fraud, bogus suppliers, bogus customers, bogus presidents. Not to mention “ransomware”, the demand for ransom by blocking servers or corporate data.

According to Accenture, cybercrime is increasing by about 25% per year with an average cost per business of eight million euros. Problem: one in two companies does not have an emergency device to trigger in the event of an attack. Companies must first use common sense: be discreet, and above all strengthen collaboration between directors of financial affairs and directors of IT services, to make people talk more within companies. Investing in very expensive systems is not necessarily enough. It is advisable to make a security audit of the IT departments to initiate or of the operations of sensitization and training. It must be said that this does not happen to others. All businesses are affected, from the smallest to the largest.

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