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Paramount Channel – Cyborg – Shooting Campaign

Paramount Channel has asked us to direct and produce one of its latest self-promotion campaigns for live, live and live platforms. With the leitmotif of artificial intelligence and more than 40 deliverables, we have created several ways to introduce "ST-021: the most advanced artificial intelligence system in the world", which, well that able to process and memorize all the scripts, soundtracks, choreographies and characters in the movie story, is still unable to create movies like those of Paramount Channel.

Using the scripts developed by Paramount Channel as a starting point, we created this campaign combining real action, user interface design and animated graphics in a clean, minimal and technology-driven environment.

Project information

Customer: Viacom & Paramount Channel
Production Company: binalogue

Our role: direction, live production, artistic direction, design, animation and composition.

Viacom – Paramount Channel Marketing Director: Marta Dávila
Viacom – Paramount Channel Creative Coordinator: Alberto Pérez
Viacom – Paramount Channel Production Coordinator: Arantxa Montero
Casting: Viacom and Binalogue
Script Writing: Viacom – Paramount Channel
Voiceover: Viacom – Paramount Channel
Production Company: binalogue
Concept Development: Paramount Channel & Binalogue
Director: David Carrizales
Art Director: David Carrizales
DOP: Juana Jiménez
Production coordinator: Xavi Rivas
Editors: Alberto Pérez, David Carrizales
Talent: Yaoyao Liu
Photographer: Pablo Sarompas
1st assistant camera: Ismael Fernandez
2nd assistant camera: Sandra Toral
Gaffer: José Humanes
Sound: Manolo Gama
Hair and makeup: Ángela Blanco
Costume & wardrobe: Isa Brena
DIT: Begoña Ruiz
Technical Director and Supervisor of Animation: David Carrizales
Design: Jorge Artola, David Carrizales, Joaquín Castaño
Composition and animation: David Carrizales, Joaquín Castaño, Leire Villar, Jorge Artola, Pierre Masson
3D: Iván Pardo
Music: Vincent Lee Amberson & Brite Future & # 39;
Filming of cameramen: Javier Cardenete, Javier Ordóñez
Interns design and movement: Altea Llorente, Maria Koikonova

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