Friday , September 18 2020

Path of Impermanence III: THALAMUS

The Impermanence Trajectory video trilogy (2013-2018) revolves around two main themes: animism and artificial intelligence (AI). The trilogy is influenced by the ideas of artificial intelligence expert Jürgen Schmidhuber and futuristic scientist Ray Kurzweil, according to whom the artificial general intelligence, AGI, will one day have the intelligence and the ability emotional human and will eventually evolve into a separate entity beyond human comprehension. Artificial intelligence and the exponential development of technology will result in the biggest transformation since the Cambrian explosion. The resulting entity will be a universal Turing machine, a computer universe in which all atoms and smaller particles have the potential to be used as conscious machines. Such changes would inevitably lead to fundamental existential questions: What is consciousness and emotions? How does a synthetic consciousness feel and perceive? The title of the trilogy, Trajectory of Impermanence, refers to the Buddhist idea of ​​a state of change and ever present impermanence. Nothing is immutable, even if we try paradoxically to grasp things and to consider them as permanent.

The last part of the trilogy follows Mana, member of the third incarnation of AUJIK. Mana lives in the Ainu colony of the Kamchatka peninsula, between the sea of ​​Okhotsk and the Bering Sea. She begins her winter day using various KIIA artifacts, symbiotic entities that combine synthetic and organic nature. Over time, they have developed distinctive qualities and character and are said to embody an intelligence far beyond the combined intelligence of all who have lived. Instead of putting their skills to good use, KIIAs live in a state of total resignation. While Mana transcends with an artifact, she receives an unexpected visit from the trio that governs the colony. They came to give Mana a mission: to visit Thalamus.

All music by christ.

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