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polluter waste returned to their home


Contaminated rivers or soils, abandoned industrial waste … Do you live near a polluted site?
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The images have toured social networks. We can see a dump truck depositing ten tonnes of waste in the garden of a resident of Laigneville, in the Oise department. The man in question had illegally deposited this household waste a few days earlier in the countryside. The polluter tries to arrest the municipal agents, but it is a waste of time. “This is the typical example of the guy who has absolutely no desire to bother to deal with his waste, because he knows that in any case, legally, he risks practically nothing”, says Christophe Dietrich, mayor of Laigneville.

An invoice of 800 €

The elected official considers the fine 68 € not very dissuasive, then to fight against this scourge, he practices “the return to the sender”. Once the offender has been identified, trucks are sent to his home, with an additional invoice of € 800. According to the town hall, in 2014, there were four illegal deposits per week; there were only three in 2019.

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