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“Prémices”, the first album of the rappers from Sail: a roommate adventure

These students in Aix-en-Provence recorded seven titles in their living room. Their first album has since been released on the largest streaming platforms.

They are four roommates, barely 18 years old. Aix-en-Provence students who have rap in their skin. Together they founded the SAIL group. They just released their very first album Beginnings with seven titles. Songs that speak of love or their future plans, all broadcast on major streaming platforms.

This album is a bit of a dream which became reality thanks to the D system. A keyboard, a computer and a microphone, it was in their apartment, transformed into a studio with the means at hand, that they recorded this first opus.

We put mattresses, we put cushions, we organized, we put everything upstairs and we recorded everything from A to Z.Samo, rapper of the SAIL group

As Rimbaud said: “We are not serious when we are 17”. At 18 either, and more time to lose if you want to succeed in music. Passion and will pegged to the body, the four youngsters use the Molière language, rap version. And if they chose SAIL for stage name this is because it's the acronym for Samø, the Alchemist, Ilrew and Luro. Sail members are winners of the Class'Eurok 2019 springboard, the “springboard for young music” in the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur region since 1991.

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