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Professor Feuillage makes people laugh at the collapse

“Hey the sea is rising!” Is a scientific show intended for the general public on climate change and its impact on the coast, with researcher Eric Chaumillon, Professor Feuillage and designer Guillaume Bouzard. @Darri

“Hello little hunter-gatherers!” “This is how Mathieu Duméry, alias Professor Feuillage, apostrophe Internet users in his ecological chronicles, broadcast on his Youtube channel Feuillage since 2014. A program with raw and rude humor that he created with his partner Lénie Chérino, who plays her sexy assistant Sophie in the videos. Wind turbines, biodiversity, plastic in the oceans, the decline of bees, shale gas … all the major themes related to ecology pass through.

“We think humor is a weapon of mass awareness, so we often talk to you about ecology with a raised fist and a finger in the ass!” “, Announces the duo on their Youtube page, which never misses a joke of bad taste and brings together a community of 125,000 fans. In all, 22 episodes of ten minutes each were co-produced by France TV. But don't get me wrong, under their crazy and teasing airs, Mathieu and Lénie rely on journalistic work and robust scientific studies.

Here no tongue in cheek, but cash, even shocking more than one user. In one of the last episodes on agroecology, we witness the tasty debate between an intensive farming lobby, “a beautiful little shit bomb” and Chantal Ternatif, a plot in permaculture.

On Youtube, Professor Feuillage (Mathieu Duméry) has been broadcasting ecological chronicles since 2014.
On Youtube, Professor Feuillage (Mathieu Duméry) has been broadcasting ecological chronicles since 2014. @ Youtube screenshot.

The first paid episodes in cheese

When the duo started “ecology was still very stigmatized,” says Mathieu. In the minds of people, a green man was either a cool baba with plump hair, a politician who made beautiful speeches and left with his big car, or activists from Sea Sheperd. We wanted to demystify engagement. At the time, they were among the first youtubers to take up these themes with Bridget Kyoto, another youtuber known to the communities involved. The first episodes are shot on zero budget, in a Parisian squat. “I paid them with 25 kg of cheese that I had collected at the Salon de l'Agriculture where I ran a stand,” says Mathieu Duméry.

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Because before becoming Pr Feuillage and joining the new team of the show C’est Toujours pas Sorcier, broadcast on France TV since December 2019, Mathieu Duméry had several lives. Former journalist, he started at Canal +, already working on the show C’est pas Sorcier with Fred and Jamy. “I thought the journalists were all Tintins. Actually not at all, I was bored. He turns to the theater world, thinking it would be “more fun.” Failure, the actors are 80% manic-depressive. “

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