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Qwant by default in state computers

As Qwant’s managerial and financial future is clarified, the French government has just given a boost to this French search engine, which claims to be Google’s rival. In a note from Wednesday, January 7, revealed by Release and which The world has also obtained a copy, the interdepartmental director of digital has requested from all directors of administration in charge of digital that they install “By default the Qwant search engine on all terminals, fixed and mobile” for which they are responsible. They have until April 30 to comply with this instruction.

This decision to insert Qwant in all the computers and telephones of the State follows the results of a technical audit, led by the interdepartmental direction of digital (Dinum), which were deemed satisfactory by the Secretary of State for digital , Cédric O.

“The decision to install Qwant on state posts is not a political decision, it is a technical decision, because Qwant provides guarantees requested by the state”, it is argued within Mr. O's office. The Dinum note lists them: better respect for personal data, less personalization of search results, own indexing capacity and the application of French law. State agents will still be able to choose “Freely” another default search engine, says Nadi Bou Hanna, the digital interdepartmental director.

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