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record $ 5 billion fine validated by judge

The fine of 5 billion dollars imposed in the summer of 2019 by the American consumer protection agency, the FTC, on Facebook for failing to protect the personal data of its users, was validated Thursday, April 23, by a judge . It’s a decision “Historic”said agency president Joe Simons on Friday, adding that the FTC has never fined this much.

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The organization accused the most powerful social network in the world of having ” deceived “ its users on their ability to control their personal information. The investigation was one of the direct consequences of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, named after the company that used data from tens of millions of Facebook users for electoral propaganda.

Agreement on control procedures

In addition to the fine, the FTC had forced the Silicon Valley company to set up an independent privacy committee. The social network also had to commit to adding features allowing users to better control their privacy at all levels of the platform, and to provide regular reports on the risks, problems and solutions implemented. to ensure the confidentiality of information.

Some privacy advocates opposed the FTC-Facebook deal, saying it did not sufficiently punish the group. Facebook’s action had paradoxically gained in value with the announcement of the sanction, with markets anticipating an even larger sum.

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The social network said the deal went beyond the law. It should serve “Basic for all privacy regulations”, in the United States as elsewhere, said Facebook privacy officer Michel Protti in a blog post. In any case, it served as a trigger “To change the culture of the company”, he added.

Facebook announces new video conferencing tools

Image from Messenger Rooms, presented by Facebook this April 24. AP

Facebook introduced several new video conferencing tools on Friday April 24 at an online conference attended by the company's founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

The main innovation is the creation of a “room” system in the Messenger application: the Rooms tool allows you to organize video conferences in which up to fifty people can participate. These “Messenger rooms” can be opened, or limited to the invited guests.

This new tool will be available worldwide from this weekend, within Messenger, and will be added to Facebook. ” in the next weeks “. And it will also be integrated with Instagram Direct and WhatsApp at a later date.

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