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Rehab. Beware of false subtitles on online videos

We see on this video a man speaking in Arabic on a television set whose French subtitles make him say: ” Muslims have been lied to in a propaganda book for 1,400 years “, Implied the Koran … In a few days, the video had more than 800 shares, 1,000 favorites and 65,000 views.

However: as noted by some Internet users, the subtitles do not correspond at all to the words of the man in question. Indeed, this one does not speak at all of the Koran: it is actually Ehab al-Khouli, a former member of the Egyptian opposition (and now a deputy), who gets angry with President Mohamed Morsi following his refusal to leave power in 2013, despite massive popular protests. A video, with the right subtitles in English, shows that he actually calls the Egyptians to stay on the street as long as ” Morsi didn’t leave “.

A previous video (now deleted), had already used false subtitles, in English this time. It was published in 2016 on the YouTube channel of a certain J.K Sheindlin, an unscrupulous author who used it to promote his book offering a ” psychological analysis By Mahomet. Paradoxically, while this bogus video has come up regularly since 2016, the author claimed to want to reveal ” all the truth ” on the subject.

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