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Rehab. Boris Johnson did not insult Congolese President Denis Sassou Nguesso

Shared on social networks by opponents of Emmanuel Macron, a video filmed on January 19 in Berlin at an international conference on Libya, suggests that Boris Johnson refused to greet Denis Sassou Nguesso, and even called him ” criminal “As Emmanuel Macron indulged in a warm hug with the Congolese president.

However, looking more closely at these images, it is difficult to draw the same conclusions. If there is no doubt about the French president's frank greeting, it is impossible to say that Denis Sassou Nguesso reaches out, and that Boris Johnson refuses to shake it. As for the audio tape, it is far too inaudible for us to distinguish the use of the word ” criminal “. You hardly hear a ” sorry “, Without it being possible to say formally that it is spoken by Boris Johnson.

None of the video relays could give us the slightest element accrediting this version and joined by Désintox, the entourage of the British Prime Minister denied him the insults and the refusal of greeting. The path of what therefore appears to be an intoxication is original. At the beginning, it was Denis Sassou Nguesso's teams who shot these images and disseminated them, to highlight the Congolese president among his peers, by emphasizing the hug with Emmanuel Macron.

But on social media, the opposition quickly took up these images and thus diverted them to affirm that Boris Johnson refused the outstretched hand of Denis Sassou Nguesso, and insulted him. An intoxication therefore but above all a failed communication operation.

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