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Rehab. Boris Johnson speaks ancient Greek well

The video is 6 years old, but the internet has just rediscovered it. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is seen on stage at a literary festival in Australia. The man who was mayor of London at the time proclaimed the first lines of Homer's Iliad on the microphone. All in ancient Greek, nothing less. A performance at odds with what we used to “BoJo”, which we recently saw, as part of its campaign for Brexit, drive a backhoe, or parody the romantic comedy Love Actually.

The video sparked several ironic comments, very quickly after the video was republished. A surfer, posing as a Hellenist of mother tongue and having studied ancient Greek, writes in a message shared 35,000 times on Twitter that she doesn’t understand anything about the British Could it be a bogus performance by Boris Johnson, who would cheat his world?

The answer is no, according to several specialists contacted by Désintox. Thus, the Hellenist and director Philippe Brunet told Désintox that ” The memorization and interpretation of Boris Johnson are quite estimable, except for a few cuts or small errors “. Manon Brouillet, lecturer in Greek language and literature also notes several shortcomings, but believes that Boris Johnson ” has retained the declamation “. This is mainly because it ” pronounce Greek in English That the Greeks say they understand nothing about it.

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